Hiring a Contractor in the Spring can Save You Money!

Well lets start with this - Your Grandpa was right - The early bird gets the worm.

As with many things in life - proper planning and being ahead of the crowd has advantages. In the asphalt maintenance & sealcoating world, customers are getting the "worm" in the form of lower estimates!

Seasonal work can be challenging for seasonal contractors. No work = No money. Contractors don't always have a full season of work lined up, but having said work is crucial. Contractors tend to have lower prices during the slow months (January - April) in order to secure work for the beginning of the season. As the summer months fade, so does the weather. Contractors are hesitant to take on additional work late in the year. Not getting to that last customer leaves a sour taste, and an unhappy consumer.

Calling your contractor in August or September may have a serious impact on your pricing.

Primo Sealing recommends calling your contractors as soon as possible! January thru April will help get you the best pricing. This also applies to contractors being hired for home remodeling, landscaping, decks, painting, etc. etc.

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Primo Sealing - Asphalt Sealcoating & Maintenance Company - Hire Early and Save Money

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