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Don't Let Your Fears Distract You From Maintaining Your Assets

With an uncertain world ahead of us, don't let your fears keep you from maintaining your physical assets. This goes beyond Primo Sealing Concrete & Asphalt Maintenance, but to be specific, lets talk Concrete & Asphalt Maintenance.

Maintaining your asphalt & concrete is critical to the aesthetic quality, integrity and performance of the pavement. Routine maintenance includes, but not limited to, cleaning, sealing, crack filling, repairing, painting parking lots/traffic patterns, installing ADA signage, installing parking blocks and bollards. Let your customers know, you are moving forward from uncertainty, and providing the experience you do best.

There's nothing like a fresh sealcoat and line painting to bring your lifeless concrete or asphalt back to life. Give your parking area a crisp, clean look, while also providing a safe, clean, and easily recognizable parking area for your customers, employees or family.

Crack filling or Crack Sealing is considered one of the most important factors in extending the life of failing pavement. Primo Sealing uses only high grade hot melted rubber crack fill to completely fill and seal cracks. Filling and sealing cracks help to prevent water intrusion and further pavement failure.

Repairs are critical to extending pavement life. Without repairs, your pavement will continue to digress to the point of complete failure, warranting complete replacement. Primo Sealing provides repairs using asphalt infrared heat, removal and repair, or even temporary alternatives to get you through to the next milestone. Each has its own respective advantages.

Primo Sealing will continue to provide world class customer service you have all come to recognize along with our complete Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance service at the most affordable prices.

Call Primo Sealing today for a FREE custom asphalt and/or concrete maintenance package, catered to your needs. We work with all budgets and circumstances to ensure our customers achieve their maintenance needs.

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